Strategy, human resources, operational assistance,...

Dyma consulting is all about men and women of action, varied profiles, a keen external perspective, and field-tested practical advice. And because every company is different, every problem has its own solution. Tailor-made is our only motto. Let yourself be guided by a team of experts, boasting rock-solid experience in the field, and enjoy the ultimate in excellence!



A strategy consulting agency for the past 20 years, Dyma Consulting has developed a tried and tested method based on its extensive experience with leading groups. Listening. Being patient. Deciphering. Understanding the sheer diversity of expectations and issues. Next on the list is analysis. Listening, before choosing the right method. And adjusting. Over and over again. Driven by a keen interest in sharing and transferring our knowledge, focused on people and listening, our objective is clear: to help you achieve operational excellence. Effectively, efficiently, and as closely in line with your values as possible.

Our areas of expertise:

  • - Financial auditing
  • - Process auditing
  • - Information systems
  • - Strategy
  • - Business management consulting
  • - Human resources management consulting (recruitment, development, coaching,...)
  • - Production management consulting
  • - Supply chain management
  • -...


Our concept:

  • - Results
  • - Practical experience
  • - A multidisciplinary approach
  • - Tailor-made solutions


We care. You enjoy.

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